the next


from genetics, to feedlot, to fork

the next generation

from genetics, to feedlot, to fork


nextgen genetics

NextGen is building a foundation seed stock operation, based on the principles of strong maternal influences, in addition to a primary focus on terminal traits for performance.


nextgen feedyards

Our feedyards are both in power growth mode, with expansions to additional head count and upgrades to a state of the art feed mill for your cattle.


nextgen processing

We have a well-founded understanding of the cattle industry, the meat business, and how to fulfill the needs of our customers.


High Quality Beef

Beef Company

We're meeting the needs of consumer, producers & suppliers by providing the best beef in the USA.

the history

our story

The largest and most important asset of the NextGen Cattle Co is without question our people and team. The NextGen team, is first and foremost friends and family.

our sales are events everyone talks about

Don't miss the 2nd Annual Flint Hills Spring Classic, April 21-22, 2022! We’re selling 250 Beefmaster and Charolais bulls plus an elite offering of commercial Beefmaster influenced females.