We take pride in our relationships with our customers and our suppliers.



At NextGen Trading, we take pride in our relationships with our customers and our suppliers. We know and understand the value of communication in times as challenging as this.

Keeping our customers informed on supply was our number one priority.

At NextGen Trading, the understanding of what those loads of feed meant to our customers was a responsibility we didn’t take lightly. It is in times of uncertainty that you find out “who your friends are.” It was the diverse portfolio of supply that enabled our merchandising team to help offset short supplies of one ingredient with the other commodity feed ingredients. Our team worked with nutritionists and customers alike to come up with a plan and to lessen the strain.

At NextGen Trading, we really don’t do “trading” as much as we do “supplying.” We purchase ingredients for our customers, set up trucking and logistics, and follow up to ensure the load is delivered on time.

With ingredients like Cotton products (whole cottonseed, cottonseed meal, cottonseed hulls, burrs), Corn products (Corn gluten pellets, Dry distillers, Wet distillers and 28% DDG cubes), Soy products (Soybean meal, Soyhull pellets), and Wheat products (wheat midds and wheat midd pellets); our merchandising team has a wide portfolio of tools to offer you. Please reach out to one of our team members and find out if there is anything we can do for you. There is no account too far for us to try and provide your feed needs. We operate in multiple regions of the United States.



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